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Wenzhou Anhao Leather Products Co., Ltd.,is a professional manufacturer of men's belts well-known enterprises, located in Wenzhou City Southern white elephant Ou 104 State Road, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway, from the train station, bus station, not a straight line from South Railway Station 3 kms, location and convenient transportation. The company has a variety of professional production equipment, with strong production capacity, all kinds of styles can be customized according to customer requirements, product specifications belt, comprising the first layer material, two-story, PU, etc., the company's main customer base for the European market, on environmental requirements of customers, has accumulated rich experience.
The Company since its inception in 2010, has become a large-scale, professional and strong, the strength of the manufacturing enterprises. In the management of the establishment of a standardized and institutionalized system. Modern management tools, a good development for the company and laid a solid foundation. The company also established a comprehensive customer sales of computer network, providing customers with real-time and reliable service to prepare.
Company: "faith-based, low carbon and environmental protection" principle and gradually formed a modern management system and strong corporate culture, "the pursuit of excellence, perfect and sincere service" for business purposes, "customer demand, we pursuit "for the company's services. These two points are not only reflected in the corporate culture, to penetrate more deeply into each of the business activities, meticulous to every step of production, every aspect. And strive to provide our clients with the highest quality, most efficient, the most satisfactory services.
Anheuser leather at all levels of government support and leadership, the rapid development in the community of friends concern, has made great achievements, received a number of awards:
1."the quality and trustworthy" excellent demonstration units
2."Bai Xiao stresses News" for broadcast unit
In recent years, with the continuous development of enterprises and gradually increased economic efficiency, the company pay more attention to social and environmental protection, made the unanimous praise of the community and consumers! Also welcomed the new and old friends came to negotiate.


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E-mail:Tang@ Fax:+0086-577-86709357
Add:Qifeng North Road,Nanbaixiang Subdistrict, Ouhai District,Wenzhou City

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